The fish and wildlife of Texas belong to all citizens of our state, and we share an ethical responsibility to ensure their health, abundance, and prosperity for current and future generations. Threats to these irreplaceable resources may come from many directions, but the fastest and most devastating threat of all is the stroke of a pen.

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Our members are associations, non-profits, landowners, and private businesses who are committed to the core principles of the North American Model of Wildlife Conservation, which is the most successful and sustainable approach to fish and wildlife resource conservation in the world. The Coalition also understands and respects the integral role of private property owners in managing habitat for wildlife and believes private property rights and science-based management are central tenets to successful conservation programs.

Decisions based on short-term economic and political pressures are the antithesis of modern day conservation. The Texas Coalition for Conservation was created to provide outreach, advocacy, and grassroots support to address the efforts to privatize our unique fish and wildlife resources.

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Native fish and wildlife belong to all Texans

Texas is known for its vast land and abundant wildlife and fish, resources available for all to enjoy through hunting, fishing or wildlife viewing. Conservation of these resources for future generations results from a uniquely North American approach viewed as the most successful conservation program in the world. This program is called the North American…

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The mission of Texas Coalition for Conservation, a 501(c)(4) non-profit organization, is to ensure the people of Texas will always enjoy an abundant and healthy fish and wildlife population for recreation and as a natural resource.

The Coalition is a member-based coalition of associations, non-profits, landowners, and private businesses, rooted deeply in the principles of the North American Model of Wildlife Conservation: Fish and wildlife belong to all citizens, these irreplaceable populations must be sustained in perpetuity, and science is the basis for informed management and decision-making processes.

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