The Texas Coalition for Conservation, a 501(c)(4) non-profit organization, was established because the threats to our Texas fish and wildlife require a focused and direct response. Our members are associations, non-profits, private property owners, businesses and individuals committed to ensuring the fish and wildlife of Texas will always be here for the people of Texas. The Coalition firmly believes in the integral role of private property owners in managing habitat for fish and wildlife.

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Our mission has deep roots in outdoor conservation culture.

Public ownership of fish and wildlife resources has a long history dating back to Biblical times.

We’re committed to the core principles of the North American Model of Wildlife Conservation, which is the most successful and sustainable approach in the world.

Broadly, the North American Model focuses on principles that recognize:

  1. Fish and Wildlife are a public trust resource.
  2. Unregulated commercial markets are eliminated.
  3. Laws developed by citizens and enforced by government regulate proper use.
  4. Citizens have the freedom to view, hunt, and fish regardless of economic status.
  5. Game and fish cannot be harvested except for legitimate purposes as defined by law.
  6. Some fish and wildlife are international resources.
  7. Good science is the proper basis for sustaining fish and wildlife populations.

In addition to these common principles, we believe private property rights are paramount to the success of wildlife conservation. Private stewardship of public resources in Texas has resulted in some great conservation success stories.

There are a lot of other organizations in Texas dedicated to conservation. Why is this new organization needed?

Nationwide, the efforts to privatize fish and wildlife resources are on the rise. Many of these existing conservation groups share concerns about this trend, and part of our goal is to identify and amplify those interests.

The Texas Coalition for Conservation has a single focus, and that is ensuring the people of Texas will always enjoy an abundant and healthy fish and wildlife population for recreation and as a natural resource.

Why Should You Care?

Whether you own a ranch in the Davis Mountains, or you watch white wing dove fly over your apartment building in downtown Houston, nature is the thread that connects us to past, present, and future generations of Texans. If we allow fish and wildlife to become spoiled, then we are breaking our covenant of stewardship with future Texans. The health of these resources make us a better people, and serve as a yardstick by which we can judge our own sincerity.

Fish and wildlife resources of Texas are facing enough challenges from environmental factors such as habitat fragmentation, diseases, and invasive species. These threats can be difficult and costly to reverse.

But the stroke of a pen is the most rapidly moving threat of all, and yet is one of the least expensive to avert.

The Texas Coalition for Conservation seeks to accomplish the following goals:

  1. Ensure that wildlife resources belong to all Texas citizens, though an individual may own the land on which the wildlife resides.
  2. Increase hunting and fishing opportunities for all citizens, regardless of social or economic status.
  3. Support scientific management of our shared fish and wildlife resources by trained natural resource professionals.
  4. Support science-based policy decisions that focus on forward-looking solutions rather than short-term political and economic pressures.
  5. Support responsible Texas landowners as stewards of our fish and wildlife resources.
  6. Support private property rights which are paramount to the success of wildlife conservation in Texas.

What Can You Do?

Stand up for Texas fish and wildlife.  Efforts to privatize these unique resources may irrevocably alter the conservation landscape, and undo efforts that have been underway for generations.

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